Arizona Style Law is needed in Florida

Let us re-patriot all the Cubans that reside in Florida back to Cuba. Arizona’s law should be implemented in Florida and must be amended with a plan to let it be known, and eventually send all the Cubans and their children back to their homeland, Cuba. Florida has become a third world country because of the Cuban invasion and Haitian anchor babies. Let’s get a law on the books to send them all back and stop the fleecing of America.

Except for European whites, all immigration to the USA should be totally stopped. As a proud supporter of FAIR, my hat is off to you.  FAIR and supporters, Arizona is a good start; now it’s time to move to Florida. The day we start shipping back the Cubans and Haitians from Florida is the day we have started to take back our country.

Thanks FAIR, thanks the Republican Party, and thanks my tea party; we love you, and will support you for being true Americans!

In the words of our hero, Tom Tancredo, “Miami is like a third world country.”

Read: FAIR – Anchor Babies.

Read: Rand Paul Slams Anchor Babies.
(Rand Paul needs to go as far as stating only second generation immigrants’ childern should be awarded conditional citizenship.)

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